Unit tests are a liability, and I am not being ironic.

I have always been an advocate of proper unit testing. I believe it is a necessary attribute of building maintainable software. I also thought myself pretty experienced in writing sensible (unit) tests, but reading Unit Testing Principles, Practices and Patterns was an eye-opener in several ways. Vladimir Khorikov spends his 300+ pages teaching us what distinguishes high-quality tests from the time wasters. He assumes you know your way around the tooling already. It’s not a hard book and if you have testing experience you should get through it quickly. The examples are in C# but translate easily to Java. Let me summarize what has stuck with me most.

Technical debt repayment on the frontend (historic town of Sandwich, Kent, UK)

I have been working in software since 1999, writing on whatever fascinates me about the craft, usually with a focus on testing and sensible agile practice.

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